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Latest Credit Union News   Phishing Scam targeting Credit Unions
We have been informed that there is currently a phishing scam targeting credit union members.
Job Vacancy
A vacancy has arisen for the position of a Temporary Clerk/Cashier for a period of 6 months.  Click here for more information
With around 98,000 pupils benefitting from a school uniform grant last year, proposed cuts to the Education Authority’s Uniform grant of £3million are poised to impact thousands of families in Northern Ireland this summer. And while school might seem like a distant memory for young people as they kick off their summer break, it’s a different story for parents. For those already struggling to meet the costs of kitting the kids out for school, and particularly those who have relied upon the uniform grant to alleviate some of that burden, the proposed cuts announced could have significant impact on their family finances.
Research carried out by the Irish League of Credit Unions in 2015 found that 71% of parents felt school associated costs were a financial burden with 17% saying they would have to sacrifice spending on food to cover the costs. Six in ten also admitted that they would have to sacrifice other household items to buy school necessities. It’s perhaps not surprising that over a quarter of parents found themselves in debt and were borrowing an average of £320.
Pennyburn Credit Union has always been on hand to provide financial assistance to parents in Derry as they try to cope with education-related costs. Offering a Back to School loan at a very affordable 12% APR rate, Pennyburn Credit Union can ensure that the loan terms are structured in a way to suit every individual situation best. There are no hidden payments or transaction fees, and the loan is less expensive than using a credit card or moneylender.
Speaking about the recent announcement by the Education Authority on proposed cuts to the Uniform Grant, and what Pennyburn Credit Union can do to help cover school costs Patricia Kerr said:
“It’s not a surprise that so many parents find themselves in debt trying to cover school related expenses each year. Considering the recent announcement by the Education Authority, we would encourage families in Derry who rely upon the uniform grant to come in and talk to us about possible options. If they feel they might need a little extra financial assistance, we are here to help with that - however small the amount. We would urge parents to shop around for value, both in their local shops and online to see where they can get the best deals. If you do need a loan, pop in to see us at Pennyburn Credit Union and we will be happy to chat through all your options with you.”
 For further information please contact a member of staff at Pennyburn Credit Union on 028 7135 2166 or get a call into one of our offices.

Pennyburn Credit Union Limited has not conducted any door to door surveys nor does it have any agents acting on behalf of Pennyburn Credit Union. If you are approached by anyone claiming to be acting on behalf of Pennyburn Credit Union Limited, please do not divulge any information and contact the office on 02871352166.

Our Mission Statement at Pennyburn Credit Union

The mission of Pennyburn Credit Union Limited is to promote and support the financial and social well being of our community. 

CUFlow Account

Your CUFlow account is an exciting new edition to the services being offered by Pennyburn Credit Union Ltd. Your CUFlow account is similar to a bank current account and will facilitate electronic payments to and from your credit union accounts. 

How will it work?

Your CUFlow account is automatically set up for you and we are now issuing members with a Sort Code and Account Number for this account. 

CUFlow will be used for Standing Orders and Electronic Payments. 

In order to facilitate this new process, we require you to change your Standing Order payments at your bank. The CUFlow account should only contain funds to meet these activities and all other savings should remain as they are. 

Call into one of the offices to receieve details of your CUFlow Account Number or give us a call on 02871352166 if you have any questions. 

We would like to help our members manage the changes of Welfare Reform.  If you have recently received a “Benefit Entitlement” letter telling you about important changes to your benefit payments then please bring it with you when you next apply for a loan.  This information will help the credit union, and you the member, get a better understanding of the existing and possible changes that are taking place under Welfare Reform.
If you would like to speak to a member of staff regarding your credit union payments just call at either office, phone or email us at any time.
If you have any queries regarding your benefits and the changes to them contact Advice N.I. on 08088020020 or

Benefit Payments direct to your Credit Union Account
Some of you may have received letters telling you that you can no longer have your benefits paid to a Post Office Card Account. You are now being asked to use a bank, building society or credit union account for this purpose.
Did you know that for 10 years
members of Pennyburn Credit Union Ltd. have been receiving their benefits paid directly to their credit union account.
We currently process an average of 1700 payments per month for 830 members, so you could say we know how to help you access your money.
If you would like to set up this facility, just ask a member of staff for details or email info@pennyburncreditunion.co.uk and we can help you make this change quickly and easily. 
  NI Benefits are changing for people of working age

As you may be aware over the past few years a number of changes have been made to the welfare system
in Great Britain and since May 2016, these changes have also started to be introduced into Northern Ireland. 

Where can I find out more?
An independent Welfare Changes Helpline is available by calling 0808 802 0020 and additional information is available www.nidirect.gov.uk/welfarechanges


New Savings Limit from 1st October 2016.

The share limit has been changed from £30,000.00 to £20,000.00. Please click here to find out more.

Online Loan Applications

Members can now apply for a loan online by logging into the members area!



Pennyburn Credit Union provides loans for cars, home improvements, special occasions, weddings or any productive purpose. Click here to find out more about our current loan rates!

Foreign Exchange

Pennyburn Credit Union offers a foreign exchange facility. Click here to find out more about our rates.


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